Thursday, June 25, 2009

Say it isn't so!

Well once again for the second time in two weeks, we conservatives have been plagued by yet another scandal.I can't believe it. Here we are as conservatives fighting the good fight as a party that is pretty much in disarray and we get smacked down again. My take on all this is if your a politician who wants to be in the spotlight and run on a platform of social conservatism then your books better be in order. Don't put your self on a plateau that you are morally superior then your liberal counterpart and then come out and smack your family and your supporters in the face the way you guys do. We, as a party, are already struggling and fighting a big uphill battle and we don't need your hypocrisy, to set us back anymore. The worst part of the latest debacle is the way that everyone learned about it. Once again thanks a lot Senator Ensign and Governor Sanford. The way I see it is these guys have to go. No we don't need to lose more in our party but we need to stand up for something and that's called principles.

The way I see it is we, the conservatives need to do the right thing and call on the resignation of these two men.Not that we can really afford to lose more people, but we need to stand up for something and that something is keeping our own house in order. And then when we do, do that we may get more support from those who are opposed by some of our policies but admire us for standing up and doing the right thing. I think that the country is torn and divided in this time in history and a lot of people are living day to day in fear of losing there jobs and there homes. Well those in Washington keep telling us there are tough times ahead and we need to tighten our belts but they continue to live lavish and spend money like it never ends. I am sick and tired of being told how to live and act when these guys themselves are corrupt and incorrect in there daily meanderings. So I guess what I'm trying to say is we conservatives need to keep fighting the good fight, although things look kind of grim, and while we are at it choose our leaders and hold them accountable for the standards on which they ran on.